Croatian Pension Investment Company Ltd. (HMID d.o.o) is an alternative investment fund management company based in Zagreb. It was founded on July 15th 1997 and it operates under the approval of the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA). The Company manages two alternative investment funds – Capital Fund Plc., a closed-end alternative investment fund with a private offer, and HMID PLUS, an open-end alternative investment fund with a private offer.

Please notice:

The new business address of HMID Ltd.: is Hektorovićeva 2, Grand Centar, 10 000 Zagreb.

Due to the damage caused by the earthquake, the business premises of HMID at Bakačeva 5, Zagreb, are unavailable until further notice because of security reasons. Therefore, our current business address is: Hektorovićeva 2/II. floor, Grand Centar, 10 000 Zagreb. Phone numbers and all other contact information remain the same. Any changes to the stated circumstances and data will be published through this website.

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